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DAJ PRESS is a well-known trader and supplier of Corporate Desktop Gifts in the market. These items come in a range of sizes and styles, making them perfect for gifting and decorating.
Furthermore, we provide total customization to fit our clients’ needs.


Daj Press was founded in 2008 to provide a variety of high-quality gifting solutions. Since then, Daj Press has been a preferred corporate gifting partner for a number of businesses.

Daj Press offers a vast selection of corporate gift items from which our customers can choose. DAJ Press caters to corporate demands, whether it’s for Diwali, Christmas, or any other corporate events or exhibitions.

We offer high-quality corporate gifts at affordable prices.

In today’s environment, having a good brand image is the most crucial thing. We, at Daj Press, not only give high-quality items, but we also provide personalization to our consumers, which sets us apart from our competition.

The element of personalising products with the company’s name and logo improves the company’s brand image. It draws individuals to the company’s operations and aids in the achievement of long-term objectives.

We assist our customers in increasing their company’s goodwill by providing customised corporate gifts that foster positive relationships with numerous stakeholders such as employees, current customers, prospective customers, and suppliers.

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and accept feedback that help us improve our customer relationships and our services.



The general principles and values of DAJ PRESS include competence, professionalism, honesty, integrity, transparency, fair and equal treatment, team spirit and mutual respect and discretion.


We are a team of hardworking experts who believe in offering you the best solutions and meet you requirements at the earliest.

Our customers are our top-priority.


We are passionate about every requirement that comes our way. To ensure excellence in our work we adhere to the latest standards and technologies available at any given point.


Deepak Sawant

Deepak Sawant

Director, DAJ PRESS
Deepak began his career at DAJ Press as COO in 2008 following a decade of experience as a management consultant focused on the gifting industry.
Raman K. Joshi

Raman K. Joshi

Director, DAJ PRESS
Raman K. Joshi, Whole-time Director of the Company, heads the marketing and commercial relationship management departments of the Company.
Nirant Sawant

Nirant Sawant

Nirant Sawant is currently leading the operations for Daj Press. Prior to this, he has worked extensively on various prestigious projects across the gifting industry.
Anish Joshi

Anish Joshi

Marketing Manager
Anish handles branding, advertising and marketing with extensive experience in both B2C and B2B.


We have a dynamic team of professionals who are dedicated to performing to the best of their ability. These individuals are picked based on their expertise and knowledge, and they provide vital insights that improve the organization’s performance.

We endeavour to establish a healthy work atmosphere for them so that they can give their all to the organisation.

We conduct frequent training and development programmes to help them improve their abilities and bring value to their work.


We have built a solid and cutting-edge infrastructure unit since the organization’s inception. As a result, we’ve put a lot of effort into expanding it over the years.

Our infrastructure is equipped with cutting-edge technology and all necessary conveniences.

Our team consists of energetic experts who work inefficiently to accomplish a single goal. Our competent professionals conduct the entire unit.